Frequently asked questions about Singles Day UK

Singles Day is a gigantic shopping and discount day in the UK where the largest and smaller shops and webshops participate and wave discounts, promotions and deals. How exactly all this in his work we figured out for you. Below you’ll find the most frequently asked or most frequently asked questions and we’ve tried to answer them.

What is Singles Day?

Singles day is freely translated: bachelor’s day. Today it has nothing to do with bachelors anymore. And it is a day that many webshops give discounts. For everyone! So not only for bachelors.

How did Singles Day come about?

Singles Day was founded in 1993 by 4 Chinese bachelor students who got bored and wanted to make it their own holiday with discounts. Because they were 4 bachelors and the number 1 stands for “alone” in China, they chose to hold this holiday on 11/11. You can read the full explanation here.

When will it be Singles Day in 2019?

As you could read above, Singles Day in the UK in 2019 always falls on 11/11 or 11 November as usual. From midnight, to midnight

When is Singles Day in the UK?

Singles day, the day that many webshops give huge discounts falls on 11 November 2019 in the UK.See how Singles Day will fall in the years to come:

  • Singles Day 2019 is on Monday 11 November 2019
  • Singles Day 2020 is on Wednesday 11 November 2020
  • Singles Day 2021 is on Thursday 11 November 2021
  • Singles Day 2022 is on Friday 11 November 2022
  • Singles Day 2023 is on Saturday 11 November 2023
  • Singles Day 2024 is on Sunday 11 November 2024

On what day does Singles Day fall?

Singles Day falls on 21 November 2019 and this is a MONDAY. Possibly there will be a whole weekend discount.

Which webshops and shops are participating in Singles Day?

Buying at a discount is always fun. Alibaba and AlieExpres are the founders of this day so they always participate and make year after year a record turnover. Also with us there are now many webshops that participate. Like Amazon, Zalando, … We keep a list of the most important webshops that give discounts on Singles Day. Check here which webshops give discounts.

What products can I buy on Singles Day?

During Singles Day 2019 you can only buy your products online. But you can buy anything online. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops Pc’s TV’s Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, Sneakers and more.

How long does Singles Day last?

In principle Singles day lasts 24 hours, which means that you are sure that the webshop in question will sell certain items with mega promotion for 24 hours. If Singles Day falls on a weekend there will most likely be an extra discount.

How much discount do I get on Singles Day?

The discount you get with Singles Day varies, but most webshops happen to have a discount percentage of 11% that day. This does not mean that every webshop has to comply with this. Everyone is free to give as much discount as they want. In general you see discounts of 11%, but we regularly came across discounts of 40%, 60%, up to even 80%! So you can save a lot.

Is Singles Day only for singles?

No no, certainly not! It is a day that there is a discount for ANYONE. It was initially created for and by bachelors. But that has completely changed in recent years into a short day for everyone. It remains the discount day par excellence for the Chinese in China.

How much turnover does Singles Day generate each year?

At Alibaba they have achieved a record turnover of 31 billion dollars with Singles Day 2018! In 2017 this was ‘only’ 25 billion dollars and that was 39% more than in 2016.With us you can see the turnover increase enormously every year.

How do I give a discount on Singles Day as a webshop?

As a webshop, you can give your items discounts as much as you like. It is also important that your website or brand gets visibility. Singles Day Expert is the number #1 website for Singles Day in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and the US. It is therefore an advantage for your brand or webshop to advertise through us on this day.

How can I advertise as a brand or webshop with Singles Day?

To advertise on Singles Day Expert, please contact us. We will then make appointments for your brand or webshop. Singles Day Expert is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and the US. You can contact us here.