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What is singles day

Singles Day is just one day in the year that most online webshops offer discounts on their products. And from which you as a consumer can benefit enormously. Discounts, offers and promotions up to -90%. Singles Day is celebrated on the 11th of November. Only on that day you can really do some really great bargains for 24 hours. Singles Day is celebrated on the 11th of November and is gaining more and more popularity every year. More and more webshops come up with extreme discounts and deals that day. Singles Day Expert plays a nice part in this for you at which webshops participate in this annual shopping event. It is almost as well known as the famous Black Friday and Cyber monday.

Singles day 2020

Make a note of the 11th November 2020 in your calendar, that day is Singles Day and there are many different deals and offers for Singles Day at the different participating webshops. Check here in the overview of webshops which shops are participating and check here which deals & offers there are for Singles Day 2020.

Singles Day 11.11
Singles day in the United States of America has been growing in popularity since 2016. Every year we see an increase compared to the previous year. In 2018 Singles Day was also a hit with all its offers and deals. We American people do like bargains, which is why this store event is gaining in popularity every year. Large chain stores like Amazon, Aliexpres, Apple, … come up with great discounts that day.

When is it Singles day?

When is it Singles Day do you think? Singles day is always on the 11th of November. Why 11 November? Singles day originated in China, Chinese are known for their faith in numbers. In Chinese numerology, the 1 stands for ‘lonely’. This is how you explain the 11/11.

  • Singles Day 2018 was on sunday 11 november
  • Singles Day 2019 will be on monday 11 november
  • Singles Day 2020 falls on wednesday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2021 falls on thursday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2022 falls on friday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2023 falls on saturday 11 November

Singles day deals & discounts

Enter your text Offers, extreme discounts and promotions all day long. We keep track of all the webshops that are participating in Singles Day 2020. For the shops that promote their promotions online it is also a great day because they see their turnover increase by more than 110% on Singles Day. We also see more and more shops and webshops promoting their products on Singles Day Expert. Alibaba, who was at the cradle of this event, sets his own record for online sales with Aliexpress every…

Singles day deals & discounts

Singles Day exists since 1993, but has only recently gained more fame with us. It is a phenomenon that originated in China and has been blown over to us..Singles Day was invented by four Chinese male students, and you guessed it… they were all four bachelors. ? They thought there should be a day especially for singles, a day when singles are having fun. They had the opinion that you can be proud as a single and that this independence should be celebrated. In China, karaokebars are the ultimate example of relaxation and entertainment, the place to be for their “Guanggun Jie” (Chinese for Singles Day or Bachelors day).In China they are very busy with figures, and every figure gives them a meaning. The number “1” equals “being alone” and was the perfect number for Singles Day. Since they were four, they chose four times the number “1”, or 1111. And so came the perfect date for Singles Day; 11/11.Singles Day was mainly celebrated at universities, and it was mainly the male students who celebrated their independence and bachelor’s status. But when the four graduated, they felt that the tradition should be continued. In the end, Singles Day was celebrated by all bachelors across the country.Chinese Webshops also saw their advantage in Singles Day. The well-known webshops Alibaba and Aliexpress started giving very high discounts on Singles Day, under the motto: “as a single you have to pamper yourself well! :-)” Gradually the meaning of Singles Day began to change more and more. Since 2009 Singles Day has been synonymous with a day of high discounts on which you can treat yourself to gifts. And this is no longer only true in China, the phenomenon has spread all over the world and to us! Nowadays Singles Day no longer only counts for bachelors, Singles Day is now available for everyone: man, woman, bachelor or couples. So it is actually nothing more or less than a day of high discounts on which you can shop, both in the store and online.